Telos VG

Telos VG opened in Italy in 2018.

TELOS VG provides advice and management services to European companies and residents concerning pending, planned, or anticipated litigation in U.S. courts. Telos can provide advice on managing U.S. litigation, how legal processes work in the U.S., the procedures and rules of state and federal courts, how the rules work, the scope of discovery in U.S. litigation and the scope of duties to provide information (including electronic information) and documents, which is quite different than in Italian or other European courts.

Telos VG can help.

There was a time when only the largest international companies were likely to be involved in litigation in the U.S. That time has passed. Companies of all sizes, and individuals, with increasing frequency, are involved in U.S. litigation, both as defendants and as plaintiffs, in disputes, concerning for example, intellectual property (trademarks, copyright, patents), commercial contracts, and competition issues. Medium and small companies frequently lack the internal resources to effectively manage US litigation and do not have relationships with US lawyers or experience with US legal processes. Telos VG can help.

We offer counseling and management services, including: help finding or vetting U.S. lawyers, strategic advice concerning litigation, understanding budget and costs of U.S. litigation, advice concerning U.S. legal processes and procedures, and related topics. Telos VG has decades of experience litigating in state and federal courts in the U.S. That experience includes complex civil litigation (class actions and multi-district litigation), antitrust and other competition cases, commercial contract disputes, and intellectual property disputes.


The pre-trial or ‘discovery’ phase of a civil case typically lasts between one and three years. More importantly, the parties are required to disclose certain categories of documents, information, and witnesses at the beginning of the case.


After that, parties will be required to make available additional documents, information, and witnesses at the request of any other party. This ‘discovery’ process may repeat and can be both expensive and burdensome. Refusal to cooperate can result in sanctions, up to and including termination the case or defense.

Track Record

John Bogart has successfully worked on the most complicated matters for the most demanding clients, and has a repeated track record of turning legal expertise into demonstrable client value. Meet the founder of Telos VG here.


Based on more than 20 years of experience, Telos can help develop litigation strategies and help manage relationships with U.S. lawyers.